How to Get Personal Training Clients Fast?

May 22, 2023

Finding personal training clients can be difficult. There are about a million different obstacles constantly in the way of your success. It’s quite frustrating when you’re doing everything right, but nothing seems to work in your favor. As a professional in a fitness industry, it is recommended that you build enough credibility to ensure that first-time gym-goers trust you enough to get started with your training services.

If you’re good at what you do, building credibility may not be difficult, but it may take some time. So if you are in a hurry, here are a few things that might help you get personal training clients fast.

Get involved with the local community

Getting involved within a community can be a great start to getting personal training clients. Take on the role of a local sports coach or volunteer for a cause. You can also join local fitness clubs and attend public speaking events that spread awareness on fitness topics that you are passionate about. Here, you will have instant access to potential leads, and you can start networking with residents interested in your services.

Start a blog or podcast that focuses on fitness and wellness topics

A great way to sustain your client’s interest is to have a proactive business process outsourcing strategy. Creating an online presence such as a blog or podcast where you can showcase your expertise as to how you can be helpful to your potential clients is a great strategy. People are more likely to buy into an idea communicated by a person they know or trust. Creating informative and educational content regularly will help you establish your credibility in the fitness industry. YouTube can also be an option if you have the required budget and patience.

Additionally, it is recommended that since your YouTube channel or podcast would cater to fitness enthusiasts from a specific demographic, it would be wise to concentrate your marketing efforts on that particular group. For example, if you are a trainer based in Atlanta, targeting an audience in Miami might not be that effective. 

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Create unique social media content

Creating content on social media is easy, but creating meaningful content that adds value to someone’s life can be challenging. However, you will successfully attract personal training clients fast if you can do this. Share motivational quotes, post pictures or videos of fitness events, or you can even try sharing some healthy recipes. These acts will surely inspire others and help you establish a positive connection with your potential clients, making you stand out from your competitors.

Connect with other personal trainers and create a referral network

Networking with other personal trainers is essential as it can help you create a powerful and robust referral network. Networking can be done by attending fitness meetups and events (even virtual ones will do). Potential clients are more likely to trust you with a strong referral network. 

However, do note that any random fitness trainer would not give you referrals since it is also business for them. Try and develop relationships with trainers who share the same values as you and offer genuine compliments. Genuine connections are key when it comes to getting personal training clients fast. With it, the network can help you stay on top of trends and what other successful trainers are doing to get clients in your area. 

Offer free fitness assessments/sample products

One way to entice potential clients is to offer free fitness assessments or boot camps. Free assessments will allow you to determine the individual’s fitness level and what they are looking for. It will also allow you to build rapport with the individual and talk about your services in a more personalized way.

Another option would be to give out free samples of your product or gym loyalty programs. Offering these is all about starting a line of communication with a potential client, and it can be an excellent way to start. Whether it’s a free training regime, workout ebook, or even a fitness product to try out, this can help show your professionalism and how much you care about the person’s fitness journey. It might eventually lead to a long-term personal training contract with the potential client. 

Additionally, hosting group fitness classes and workshops is a great way to get personal training clients fast, as you will be able to spread awareness about your services by helping others with their fitness goals. However, if you’re going to hold these events at a local gym or community center, you should first obtain the necessary permissions and insurance coverage before hosting it.

Make TikTok videos

Making TikTok videos may seem to be an odd suggestion, but Tiktok has become the latest trend amongst influencers in the fitness industry. If you are good at creating short videos that can grab a user’s attention, this may be an excellent avenue for marketing your personal training services. You can also try other platforms like Instagram Reels or Snapchat Stories.


Getting personal training clients can be a daunting task, but you can definitely succeed in this endeavor with the right strategies in place. By being creative and putting in the extra effort through these opportunities, you will be able to attract more potential clients and grow your business. Just make sure you stay focused on your goal and always put your clients’ best interests first.

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