Top 7 Techniques to Improve Gym Sales

Apr 16, 2024

According to IHRSA’s 2023 U.S Health and Fitness Consumer Report, the past few years have given rise to new customer behavior. Navigating this new customer behavior is very crucial in improving gym sales. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your existing client base, adopting effective sales strategies can significantly boost your revenue and enhance your gym’s market presence. In this article, we explore 9 practical ways to increase your gym sales, from leveraging digital marketing and refining your membership offerings to enhancing the customer experience and engaging with the community. 

Offer Trial Periods or Freemium Memberships

One of the most effective ways to get new members is by offering them a free trial period. This strategy works because people are more likely to try something before buying it. As a gym owner, you will get enough time to convince your potential client to sign up during and post the trial period.

If you think a free trial period is not feasible, you can create a freemium model for your business. You can start by offering a few free classes per week. Additionally, you can have free personal training sessions once a month for select members.  

Host Events to Attract Potential Customers

One good way to improve your gym sales is by hosting events either for fitness enthusiasts or the general public. Hosting events will increase your brand’s visibility and open up opportunities to attract new clients and increase customer retention. You can use your and your co-workers’ social media accounts to create awareness about these events and encourage customers to visit the event online or offline.

Offer Fitness Classes at Work

If your clientele is primarily professionals who are too busy to visit your gym during their spare time, then look no further than their workplace. Today, many offices consider physical exercise part of their overall healthcare initiative. Start by reaching out to nearby offices for a corporate tie-up and offering classes at their place of work.

You can start by providing them with a free exercise schedule as a part of your services. A well-planned exercise schedule can help improve employees’ mental and physical health, leading to increased productivity for employers. Depending on the demand, you can go ahead and offer personalized sessions at their workplace, where they will be required to pay a minimal fee. 

Hire a Digital Marketing Expert

With so many health and fitness businesses already thriving online, your gym needs to have a digital marketing plan in place. ​​If you do not have the technical skills or experience to create a plan, hire a professional who can help you create one.

An expert digital marketing company will help you craft your online presence according to the specific needs of your business and the interests of your target audience. This way, it is more likely that people visiting your website will end up as paying customers. Hence, your customer retention marketing pays off.

Sell Health Products

Your gym sales should not be entirely dependent on your membership fees. You should stock your retail section with a variety of health products specific to your target audience. Whey protein, pre-workout supplements, and post-workout recovery drinks are some of the options you can start with. 

Offering a supplementary product line will boost your gym sales because many members feel it is more convenient and trustworthy to buy them from the same place where they work out.

Change Your Gym Atmosphere to a More Inviting One

Many gyms lose customers because of the uninviting atmosphere present out there. While some people prefer the hustle-bustle of a crowded gym, others are not comfortable with loud music and sweaty bodies bumping into them.

To counter the issue of customer retention, you can have multiple time slots (based on the various audience segments that you invite), which will help you accommodate all of your clientele. You can also offer a few isolated locations inside the gym for private training sessions. Additionally, try to give your gym a natural, relaxed feel by having a separate lounge area with sofas and a coffee table. 

Create Seasonal Deals/special Packages

Consumers always love to buy when there is an offer going on. It is the same case with gym enthusiasts. You can run seasonal/relevant offers on your services, even bundling them together for the customers to get more value out of the money spent on your gym. Seasonal offers can be in the form of a discounted membership fee for a month, complementary protein supplements, or a free training session. Seasonal deals will help you bring in new customers and keep the old ones interested in your services.

Additionally, you can offer end-of-season discounts to those who have just completed their membership cycle or even birthday discounts to those who have recently celebrated a birthday.


As demonstrated, there are various strategies gym owners can use to improve their gym sales. Implementing these methods will require not just a financial commitment but also time and effort, so it’s crucial to integrate them slowly into your gym’s marketing plan. Without a solid strategy, your business’s growth may stall. Hiring a business process outsourcing company can give you guidance in understanding the way retentions and cancellations work. This works effectively in complementing the strategies that are employed for improving gym sales. 
First Credit Services is a BPO company with extensive experience in managing gym cancellations and retention. We have assisted numerous health clubs in maintaining their customer base. Use the marketing strategies discussed and begin advancing your gym’s growth. If you need help with cancellation and retention services, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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